Frameworks always create one fear in the heart of developers, “How much framework code will I have to write?”

Flexstudio and Flexgen exist for removing this fear.

We want developers to write the strongest APIs possible without writing any framework code.

Flexstudio provides diagrammatic frond end for this purpose.

By simply drag and drop you can start designing APIs / features. (Note: API is called feature in Flexstudio).

Imagine you have an application with 10 modules, with each module having 3 or 4 features. All you need to do is to chart out the diagrammatic flow using a few specific constructs like - plugins, events & subscribers.

In a matter of few minutes, Flexgen automatically creates framework code with non-functional quality attributes baked in, to implement all of these 10 modules times 4 features.

This is nothing short of magic.

The code generated is not the typical scaffolding code.This code is absolutely production ready which is async, distributed, parallel and fully decoupled.

The repetitive plumbing code that bothers architects and developers all the time is ready in no time. You are able to create an architecture which is standardized and easy to maintain.

It's magical.

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