Core Concepts

The builder knows the value of a solid foundation. S/he knows that the stability & utility of a building along with its ability to extend without compromising on safety depends on the foundation, beams, ducts & core structural elements of the building. But building these core structural elements itself is hard work. It takes a lot of time.

Imagine the delight of a builder who goes to a location, points out where he wants the building and tadaaa… the core structure is ready as per the specs of the building provided by the architecture. Now, that would be magic.

Flexbase, FlexStudio and FlexGen provide such a magical combination for creating a flexible core structure on top which any web API application can be built.

Flexbase is an architectural framework that provides architects a way of designing robust applications. FlexStudio and FlexGen take architect's design specification and magically build a high quality application structure.

FlexStudio is a tool that helps you turn client requirements into API design. This is like designing the building blueprint.

FlexGen is an architect's tool that takes more inputs from the architect on infrastructure and coding standards. Think of it as building material specification. Then FlexGen takes the FlexStudio blueprint and builds the core structure of the application as per Flexbase framework design specifications.

Now developers can get to work on the parts of application that add value to customer, without writing any framework code.

Yes, that’s right, zero framework code required and yet an application API that is enterprise ready.

What does it mean to you?

Huge productivity gains, ability to focus developer time on what matters to the customer, and still ending up with code that is performing, scalable, robust, distributed, secure, maintainable and extensible.

That’s the power of the Flexbase/ FlexStudio/FlexGen combo. It is built for Microsoft .NET development teams. Currently, Flexbase is available on .NET Core 3.1

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